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Glass partition

The best way to create separated spaces is to use glass partition types with the best price

separate your office in the best possible way, without any destruction and with a beautiful decorated glass

Glass partition installation

Typically, Dorsanjam’s engineering team before installing of glass partitions, they had installed the structure without any destruction by marking with laser and camera then the dimensions of the glass are specified and ready to order.
The beauty of a glass partitions is precision and cleaning in its installation. Structural profiles are covered by furnace color before installation stainless steel structures are also polished after welding and installation with special polish at the connection points

Glass partition samples

Dorsanjam by having more than 1000 execution of glass partitions in Iran, had been working to improve its see executive samples join following channel

Glass partition samples

Glass partition frames

The variation of partition frame is very high and can be changed according to customer’s taste and location

aluminum frames are available in various cross sections, which are referred to

M frame with size of 28*28 mm with electrostatic paint coating
U frame height 32 width 12 mm with furnace color
Double piece frame with rim and size of 32*32 mm in golden and shampagne furnace color
Three pieces anadized frame with rim and size of 58*58
45 degree cutting frame in silver, golden color….50mm
45 degree cutting frame in silver, golden color….70mm
Different steel cover frames

Glass partition price

Glass partitions price will start from 144,000 Rials per square meter and varies up to 4800000 Rials.
For more information about glass partitions price contact our sales experts:
Contact sales expert
Effective factors in glass partitions price
Dorsanjam’s sales experts to offer the best price to dear customers, they will ask you a few questions:
Types of tempered glass (single-wall, double-glazed, laminated glass)
The thickness of the tempered glass
Use of Designed glass
Selected type of frame
Number of doors
Opening type of doors (hinged – sliding)
Using types of hardwares
Dorsanjam industrial and engineering group is able to execute the glass partition less than 48 hours.
Before executing glass partition you will receive 3D file.


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