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production and sale of tempered glass

production and sale of tempered glass

Tempered glass

Production and sale of tempered glass
The best way of marketing and direct contact with customer is the direct production and sale of tempered glass from factory.
What is the tempered glass?
This is the question which is consider many people’s mind . tempered glass in word is safety glass and in slang means unbreakable or Miral glass.
Tempered glass strength
Ordinary glass or raw glass is converted to tempered glass during several steps(thermal treatment) which is 7 times stronger than ordinary glass.
Top brand of tempered glass
Dorsanjam install and execute tempered glass with “Azarjam nashkan” Iranian top brand , the glass has standard logo of iran and it also has high quality.

production and sale of tempered glass
Production of tempered glass

The glass is getting ready to enter to the furnace for tempering and it transferred to the furnace by rubber rollers.it moves forward and backward on the ceramic rollers in furnace temperature up to the glass reach to doughy temperature . tempered glass furnace temparature is 640 to 740 Celsius degrees.
The glass which is reached to sightly temperature move towards cooler part by electromechanical conveyer. In the cooling zone there is compressed air which is blown up by the centrifuges on the top and bottom of the glass to cool it quickly. This action makes outer layer of the glass stronger then tempered glass produced.
In addition the compressed air which is blown by the blowers in the cooling zone is flexible . when the glass thickness is high the output air pressure is low and this is opposite when the glass thickness is low . we should know that production of 4 mm of tempered glass is much more difficult than 10 mm of tempered glass and needs higher technology.
The glass is transported to the outlet table after cooling and is ready to be loaded into the storehouse.
Dorsanjam is the largest production and sale of tempered glass in Iran
Steps of the production of tempered glass
raw glass storehouse
Tempered glass factories is having raw glass storehouse.if the glass has more variety and mechanical relocation the production and sell of the tempered glass is more affordable.
Cutting the glass
Raw glass is tranaferred to the cutting line by dedicated vagone and picked up by loading table and transferred to the CNC cutting table by the conveyor belt ,the sightly dimension is cutting by special diamond tool then transferred to separating table.The special glue is reached to each jar of glass by special operator.
Polish and diamond
The shaped glass is transferred to horizontal and vertical diamond machine for polish by vagone.the relevant devices have diamond stone and soft , rough polish . final product has compeletly soft edge.
Embedding and piercing on glass
The glass is marked by plotter then evolve by special piercing , embedded and water jet device.
Washing the glass
The glass is ready to enter to the horizontal and vertical device for tempering and printing , there are multiple brush which clean up the glass of dirt.
Tempered glass furnace
The glass are ready for tempering by horizontal furnace which is the main part of the production process.
Tempered glass
Tempered glass is kind of safety glass that in breaking case become fine particles and are completely safe and do not cause any injuries in body.
For more information about production and sale of tempered glass contact us.


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